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November 21, 2018


~ Uncharted Realm~ Dream Inspired Free Write #4

by Jazzi Ryan Ranes

I didn’t sleep well last night and woke at 12:30 am. My legs ached and my mind wouldn’t stop. When I did sleep I drempt I was in an unfamiliar house trying to sleep while strangers spoke at me and I had broken my phone in two and wondered if I had enough money to get another one. I was freaking out a little in that dream and was glad when my legs woke me up again.

I know what that dream was about. It was about the next book creeping around in my psyche. It all means something. I listen to my own heart as if it were a guru on a mount. I learned in this writing process that no thought is worthless and sometimes you just have to water them, wait, and see what sprouts.

~©Jazzi Ryan Ranes~

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  1. Nov 22 2018

    This resonated with me.

    • Jazzi Ryan Ranes
      Nov 23 2018

      Thank you!


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