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October 23, 2018

~ThIs oNe DrOpPed oUt Of ThE sKy~

by Jazzi Ryan Ranes

This one dropped out of the sky to land at your feet,
splashing a puddle in your heart.

These poems fall out of the aether, down through my soul and out my fingertips.

Energy you say…

Is that what it is? That I leap off and fall into it without a safety net. Not even a tether.

Do you feel this? This soul-quaking feeling, shaking the body, the mind, your sanity.

Pinning your very being to the wall and taking you almost without consent? Thrilling, nauseating, scary, mouth drying, freaky and everything in between.

That thing that never happens unless you connect with a kindred spirit. A twin flame. A soulmate.

This one dropped out of the sky to crash at your feet, exploding a crater in your heart.


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