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April 8, 2019

~There Was One~

by Jazzi Ryan Ranes

There was one
who sailed to the skies.
A proud one
who had shed his ties.
He battled the storm,
heart steady and warm.
He learned about wrong and right,
never give in without a fight.

There was one
who sailed to the sun.
A lone one
who was the guiding son.
He traveled the world,
adventure cloth unfurled.
He learned about humanity,
the sacred and the insanity.

There was one
who sailed to the stars.
A hard one
who bared many scars.
He plotted his day,
his work and his play.
He learned about hurt and anger,
safe harbors and intense danger.

There was one
who settled in place.
A lost one
who found his grace.
He crafted a home,
of whispers and stone.
He learned about pain and love,
how to pull and how to shove.

There was one
who raised the stakes.
A lone one
who knew what love makes.
She made her plans,
with thought and hands.
She learned about truth and trust,
never give up to do what you must.

There were two,
who sailed forth in time.
The same one sound
who did now rhyme.
They mended the sails,
frayed threads that failed.
They learned about one and one,
never again will they be alone.

Β© Jazzi Ryan Ranes

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