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October 14, 2013


The Wraith

by Jazzi Ryan Ranes

The wraith hovered softly above
the cold, wet street,

gazing at the house with a
red, glaring heat.

No night sounds in the
hard, clammy dark,

not an owl, nor a cricket,
not even a bark.

A shadow within a shadow he
waits there unknown,

for his prey to exit from
her happy little home.

Many, long years ago this
fate had been set,

to exact a revenge on an
old, unpaid debt.

The wraith smiles thinly as
his intended emerges,

anticipating satisfaction of his
wild, ancient urges.

One step and then one step

she knows, she senses what the
wraith is here for.

A quick darting shadow
has drawn up near,

the wraith laughs low and

“My darling, I’m here!”

Ghost in the rain.

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  1. Oct 14 2013

    Very nicely done!


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