The Sensuous Poetic

I was sitting outside a couple days ago, thinking about my writing… All of a sudden, like ideas often happen, a full-blown title and book series sprang to life. The hemi kicked in and left a trail of rubber. I swear I could smell this idea and much as I thunk it.

The books below will be comprised of my various forms of writing, from poems and microfiction to the comical and serious articles and essays that come out. I have enough material already to put a good sized dent in each book. Here are the titles that created themselves out of my heart. I feel like The Sensuous Poetic is not only book titles but my word tag. Jazzi Ryan Ranes ~ The Sensuous Poetic.


The Sensuous Poetic: Love Notes

The Sensuous Poetic: Alter Essays

The Sensuous Poetic: Dark Dreams


The books below are the ones in the series I’m writing now. I’m almost finished with the first two. However, book 1 and 2 may end up as one. If so, book one is damned near written. The third will then become the second book, as of this thinking, and the sub-titles may change.

Book 1: Rain Master ~ A Sexual Odyssey

Book 2: Rain Master ~ Diana Of Venus

Book 3: Rain Master ~ The Prodigal Son


I tell you one thing I’ve learned. Not to look at your proposed table of contents and book title list as if they are set in stone. This thing feels like it writes itself… Like I’m just the medium… I have been transitioning between multiple viewpoints and I feel like I’m part woman, part man, part ancient prehistoric animal. Chapter 44 in the bag, chapter 45 half written. Closing on the home stretch.

Book title edit..

Rain Master 1: A Sexual Odyssey
Rain Master 2: Sons of Ancient



Book 1 Completed ~ November 20, 2018

I finished writing Book 1 today. I am not sure how I feel. A little nauseated, elated, depressed. Stoned, Stunned and Staggered. Whew, what a ride!! I left the story wide open and Book 2 teases me, urging me dive head first into the writing. I know better though. Book 1 would have been finished a month ago had I not delved into poetry and essay writing so completely. Wrote hells of stuff that will never see the light of day.

Also I was blocked for a bit in the storyline. I know now why I was having trouble with the last 3 chapters. I needed 4. I was unintentionally constraining myself by not adding one more chapter. However, I’ve added chapters before because one of them gets all pissy wanting a chapter to themselves. I had to end Book 1 somewhere though.

Also I had completely reformatted my website to perform better and look more professional. Had crafted a Facebook page and Twitter account for my writings and had worked to gain a following. Helped my son get his Phoetry Facebook page off the ground as a background administrator and researched book publishers and alternate publishing ideas.

I’m not really that far into my learning of the publishing world so plan to take my time. I want to make sure my first book is as perfect as I can make it before I turn it loose. Now it is time for me to get all wordprocessy and edit the entire book. I’ve learned some things on this journey. I think, with a little help from Grammarly, that I’m capable of fixing some run on sentences and grammatical errors. Fortunately, correct spelling has never been an issue for me, so any oddly crafted words in my writings are entirely of my own creative process.

~ © Jazzi Ryan Ranes ~ 2018 ~

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