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February 16, 2016


The Diversity of Parasociology. – News Article – Supernatural Magazine

by Jazzi Ryan Ranes

There are many disciplines or fields of study in the unknown & unexplained. Each one of them specializes & focuses on specific catagories & topics within their own field of expertise. Although certain fields may interact with each other at times through certain topics, its not a commonality. For example, cryptozoologists don’t generally hunt ghosts, demonologists don’t usually skywatch for UFOs, archaeologists don’t usually conduct seances, & parapsychologists don’t preform exorcisms, ect…

However, there is one field which deals with the unknown which can interact with every other field in the unexplained equally. This would be parasociology. Since many are not aware of this unique field of research, let’s first define what exactly parasociology is.

Parasociology is a branch of paranormal research dedicated to examining & studying how paranormal manifestations, activity, or events affect a group or family unit. A group is a number of people who identify & interact with one another. Basically, parasociology is to sociology what parapsychology is to psychology….

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  1. Feb 21 2016

    Interesting article. Just a thought if there should be an overlap of studying all subjects are there are a few incidents where paranormal experience of ghosts and UFO overlap each other such as those in the stone chambers of new england.

    • Feb 28 2016

      That is the way of things. There is an overlap in tradition sociology and psychology and so there is expected to be an overlap in paranormal activity and as a result, parasociology.


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