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~Airplane Mode~

You are in my pocket lying right next to my warm body, your face resting against my hip as my phone rings a dropped signal.

We communicate in a trio of clouds above mountain ranges, our words aloft in a whirlwind of natural frequencies.

The Appalachians, the Smokies, the Rockies, create an electrified, rarefied atmosphere our hopes, dreams and emotions live in.

I want to answer the call I hear ringing through my headphones, vibrating against my skin, teasing my mind.

Storms flash flood dangerously here as heat swelters unrelenting there, and the connection is disrupted.

It was an accidental dialing, but it did not matter because the connection to me was open in the cloud as I lay listening against your warm body.

I was open in your pocket as the airwaves danced with extreme weather, as I moved against your skin, a mere tap from a breathy whisper upon your soul.

You didn’t know I was there. I didn’t know I was there with rough words and smooth sighs touching you through the fabric.

I hold you to my chest. My palm slick with sweat as I hold your cool glass face to my heart. The future beckons while the ringtone cracks and falls into the abyss of missed chances.

Somewhere in the steam drenched foothills. Somewhere above rolling green ridges. Some place intimately close and yet far away.

Two broken wings…

In airplane mode…

© Jazzi Ryan Ranes

🛫✈️✈️ 🛬



I sizzled with all the power and jolt
of a lighting bolt
in your stormy night sky
in your azure third eye
in your Hushabye sighs

I etched with all the beauty and grace
of a woman’s face
in your darkest gray day
in your work and play
in your hopes and pain

I created with all the passion and heat
of a lover’s greed
in your steamy dream time
in your mind’s eye
in your thoughts and mine

I gifted with all the caring and hurt
of a complete work
in your vision of future
in your heart the cure
in our strength we endure

© Jazzi Ryan Ranes



Come… be the heartbeat of my poetry. Allow me to dip my thoughts into the azure paint of your eyes and blend myself into your soul.

Come… be the depth of my prose.
Allow me to dive into the dark reaches of your mind and etch myself onto your psyche.

Come… be the high note of my lyric.
Allow me to sing songs in your tune and play music upon your skin.

Come… be the dream in my story.
Allow me to write you down before I forget and figure you out later.

Come… be the truth in my tale.
Allow me to dip my love into the blue skies of your eyes and paint myself onto your hopes.

© Jazzi Ryan Ranes


~There Was One~

There was one
who sailed to the skies.
A proud one
who had shed his ties.
He battled the storm,
heart steady and warm.
He learned about wrong and right,
never give in without a fight.

There was one
who sailed to the sun.
A lone one
who was the guiding son.
He traveled the world,
adventure cloth unfurled.
He learned about humanity,
the sacred and the insanity.

There was one
who sailed to the stars.
A hard one
who bared many scars.
He plotted his day,
his work and his play.
He learned about hurt and anger,
safe harbors and intense danger.

There was one
who settled in place.
A lost one
who found his grace.
He crafted a home,
of whispers and stone.
He learned about pain and love,
how to pull and how to shove.

There was one
who raised the stakes.
A lone one
who knew what love makes.
She made her plans,
with thought and hands.
She learned about truth and trust,
never give up to do what you must.

There were two,
who sailed forth in time.
The same one sound
who did now rhyme.
They mended the sails,
frayed threads that failed.
They learned about one and one,
never again will they be alone.

© Jazzi Ryan Ranes



Close enough to burn,
chills ripple on my skin.
Too late to turn,
flames flare once again.

Flames low fatal blue,
hot flicker in my soul.
Flames shaped of you,
and I lose all control.

Moth living in a glass,
your sun molten fire.
Lava wings on the grass,
flames blue red desire.

Flames low searing blue,
hot flicker in my soul.
Flames shaped of you,
and I lose all I know.

Flames strip it bare,
burn flash in my soul.
Flames take what’s there,
and I lose all control.

Fire in my blood,
life flows through my veins.
Too late to turn
off this flame scorched flood,
Too late to turn
from the burning highways,
Too late now blazing blue eyes.

Flames low fatal blue,
smoke smells like you.
Chills ripple on my skin,
flames flare once again,
Flames shaped of you,
fire tastes of you.

© Jazzi Ryan Ranes


~Love Notes~

…Told him I loved him a thousand times.
Wrote it in poems, notes, lyrics, and rhymes.

…Whispered to his mind in a million ways.
Said it in thoughts, dreams, shiny gold rays.

…Let him know it in my saddest hour,
Expressed without fear, shed tears, did not cower.

…Made him feel me in the dark of night,
Touched him in a way only I knew was right.

…An understanding place that is so rare,
Opened the heart, the mind, my soul laid bare.

…Gave safe harbor on this cruel, lonely planet,
Laid down in truth, raw-edged, heat rimed with regret.

…Will tell him I love him a million more times,
Won’t send hearts, flowers, flaming blue sighs…

…I will write it in poems, stories, lyrics, and rhymes…

(Dedicated to J.)

~ © Jazzi Ryan Ranes ~


~Our Rain~

Our rain shimmers the faintest snow.. almost invisible within the mist. Barely seen shards of heat, lost in the chill of time.

Our rain speaks in rock hard hellos.. soft water goodbyes gone in the chill. Barely heard shards of care, lost in a thrill of rime.

Our rain tastes of wet dreams in the night.. tangy drops bare within the pain. Barely flavored shards of want, lost in this desire of mine.

Our rain touches of crystal hot sleet.. stinging then gone in the drenching night. Barely felt shards of need, lost in the stream of time.

~©Jazzi Ryan Ranes~


~Hot Rain~

What does it feel like when I take you this way, I growl…
Hard, hot, penetrating rain…
Does it feel like I feel, dripping, drilling, wet hot drops…
Slick hold on you, hot skin on fire…
It does yes it does, you groan,
scorching rain on your face…
Hot you, hot rain, hot love, I love you…
It feels like you feel, dripping, drilling, wet hot drops.

~©Jazzi Ryan Ranes~


~Six °°°°°°~

Six degrees of separation…

I’m bringing down the temperature,

heating up the thermometer,

warping time and space.

°°°°°° can’t keep me from you.

~©Jazzi Ryan Ranes~



i love it when you love my words, love you

it’s like skinny dipping in your energy, through you

my words embrace you love your soul, surrounds you

dream in my dream in techno color, seeing you

i love it when you love my words, our words love you

~©Jazzi Ryan Ranes~

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