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~Moral Character~

I just want you to know that when you feel like you’ve done things in your life you know you shouldn’t have or have done wrong to yourself or others intentionally or unintentionally, that you are incredibly human. Understanding the concept of right and wrong without judging ourselves into hell is an art. It is self-taught skill and you feel it out on the steep learning curve of moral behavior. Self-driven guilt trips are common on the pathway to enlightenment. The path is often fraught with destruction, construction, ruin and rebuild. We all make a mess or two at one time or another and it is up to each one of us who spilled it, to clean it up.

I think it takes the strongest of heart and the most ancient of souls to allow themselves to be influenced by and to experience their darkest facets, their vulnerabilities, and their monsters. But even more… to come out on the other side better for it. To be able to live all of our sides, good and bad, light and dark, in comfortable agreement. Some things should not be fought with sword and bow. Your personality aspects are but one of these things. I speak from experience and acceptance.

🎶”Human” – Rag-n-Bone Man🎶

I somehow know this is true… that the better we get at playing this game called life, the older we are in the soul, in the spirit. We’ve been here and done this before, time and again, and we remember a little more every time and correct our moral compass. It’s all about being our authentic self.

No fully integrated, intentionally aware soul got there without crushing a few toes and egos (ecosystems) along the way. (Ecosystems is how auto correct corrected egos. It works too.) We live in a human body for a reason. It limits how easily we can fix the antiquity of things we are capable of destroying in a mere moment. It takes days, years, and decades for a body and mind to build a thing and a flat 4 second 60 to blow it into oblivion. Nothing great ever comes about without a healthy amount of trial and error.

🎶”My Name Is Human” – Highly Suspect🎶

In other words, we are supposed to fuck up, learn, teach, give, take, learn and fuck up again until we wake up. Wake up and work together instead of hurting each other. Just the knowing of this is a reward in itself. There are no inherently bad or good people, just as there are no stone cold good or bad days. It is a choice. All of it is your choice. How you act, how you react, how will you decide to interact with others.

Choose it all but choose wisely would be my advice to the noobs. We are all going to end up the same way, even if we don’t know what that means for sure. And we don’t know what that means no matter how many scientists and spiritualists try to tell you they know what lies beyond. We will know when we are supposed to if we choose to learn to swim instead of treading water in concrete boots, hip waders and rose colored glasses.

🎶”I Am Human” – Escape The Fate🎶

It just takes some people longer to learn. When you don’t learn from your mistakes you make life difficult for everyone. The game of life is hard and the waters are rough when you choose to ignore the stormy weather you generate. Fortunately, most of us eventually learn how to swim naked in a hurricane among the sharks.

Some of us, like you and me, have learned enough on the journey to begin archiving the teachings of our soul and have decided to give them back to humanity in some way. If one sentence, one phrase, one word, one song, strikes one soul in the heart and stops it for a split second, long enough to cause a personal revelation then it was all worth it.

The point of regrettable actions is to understand that they damage everything and everyone and that is unacceptable. Harm no-one, including yourself…

… unless you get up in my grill and threaten this vessel that houses my eternal spirit or someone’s I love. Then all bets are off and you have a bigger problem than poor moral character and I’m betting I won’t lose much sleep over my potentially ethically corrupt actions.

🎶”Natural” – Imagine Dragons🎶

“Do No Harm, But Take No Shit.”
– Moïra Fowley-Doyle, Spellbook of the Lost and Found

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© Jazzi Ryan Ranes


~Some Days~

Some days we feel like we have it all under control and nothing can stop us. Other days we just want to crawl back under the covers. But let me tell you something friends… All those different days are all the same. All those words used to describe a bad day are our perception of a moment. A day itself isn’t inherently shitty. Our outlook on said day is the thing that stinks up the place. Think about these things we say when a day seems like too much.

“Oh, this sucks. It’s Monday.”

So what? It’s yesterday or tomorrow for someone else right now.

“I got up on the wrong side of the bed.”

Did you now? What about all those happily successful people who never thought twice about throwing themselves out of whichever side was closest… or had one side against the wall?

“My back hurts/head aches/I’m depressed/Butthurt/ nope day.”

Look. If you can take a day off just to baby yourself, then by all means do that. But we all know that is not often an option, so you more than ever have to try to make the best of it. Bitching about it only make all those aches, pains and foul emotions worse.

“I had a fight with my spouse/lover/parent/bff, so today bites.”

Did you hear what you just said? I…I had a fight. All those seconds/minutes/hours were there for you to create moments. You created and participated in a fight. It’s half your fault, so suck it up and be willing to compromise where possible and apologize when necessary.

“Someone I love died on this day and this date will forever bring sadness and pain.”

Yes, it will. Please try to remember the good things, fun times, hard times, all those special memories. Celebrate who this person was in life by doing something they would have loved. A favorite movie, book, or music album. A favorite food, a walk in the woods, a scrapbook of photos. Take the time to roll through the tears until you come out on the side of smiles.

“My boss is a jerk/My co-worker is an asshole/The traffic is a nightmare/Nothing is going right and today is just stupid (f$#t), so get outta my way!”

Honey? The more you carry on like that, the more shit is gonna happen. When you bull your way through and the force that be with you reflects onto your peers and surroundings, it’s going to bounce and reverb and stick right back to you. The law of attraction at work. Hang it out there and wave it around and that’s what you’ll get back.

“I’m having a bad hair day/I look bloated/My clothes don’t fit right/I cut myself shaving, so I’m not fit to be seen in public today.”

Really? Don’t be a drama queen ladies and gentlemen. Assume you look like a star everyday because other people don’t notice those little presumed failures a fraction as much as you think they do. Carry yourself with confidence and self worth and that’s what people will see.

Be careful how you react to people and situations in your daily routine. Remember that they might be having a shitty day too, and somebody elses day is going to be spoiled by your bad attitude.

Keep this in mind. Some days we do have it all together and that’s fine and dandy, but that all of our days are the same until we make them happen instead of allowing them to happen to us. Choose a good day, then you will never have to provide yourself with an excuse to describe a bad one.

© Jazzi Ryan Ranes


~Move Mountains~

Work for the life you want. Work hard and with intention. Don’t sit around and wait for someone or some greater entity to hand it to you on a silver platter. Everything that takes away from your drive, passion, and love, takes away everything. Drop everything you can from your present reality but those things that move you forward.

Simply don’t stress out over the little things anymore, because they are all little things. Don’t take everything so seriously or so personally. Stay young in mind if not in body. Don’t allow others to steal your candy or knock the ice cream cone out of your hand. Make jokes, flirt, dance, play, sing, laugh, and love.

Sweet dreams are made of this. A desire to succeed in a challenging world. Trying is all you can do, working at it is all I do. Move mountains with intention, because if there is no hope and no desire to get ahead, you won’t move a grain of sand. What you do in your work to gain the future profoundly describes your being. This realization makes it all very much real in a lavish rose-colored world. You never really get knocked out…just stunned a little bit.

The things that are worth having in this life require work. If it comes easy, unless you’re at that skill level where it should, then it’s not worth your time. You appreciate the things that you have to work for. You will have a tendency to take better care of these things you want for your life if you keep that in mind.

I work on a steep learning curve and sometimes it’s a slippery slope…but I gotta mean ass four-wheel drive and determination. I’ve discovered I have to learn and just get it done because I’m the only one who can. I’ve also learned to stay calm and put one foot in front of the other while helping the other people in my life gain traction.

I’ve never had the ability to be calm, decisive, a safe harbor…for myself or for anyone else. Not until the last year, year and a half. This newfound gentleness comes from staying aware of myself and realizing we all go through shit all the time and I’m no better or no different than anyone else.

I don’t like format constraints on my life, but sometimes they are necessary to get shit done. Once I decide I want to do something there is little short of physically dying that will keep me from it. Take these words and make them yours. Tear them apart, put them back together, and figure out how to write the chapters of your life so they will be a great fucking read.

Now it’s all about being happy even when happy is sitting on the curb waiting on the bus.

“Contentment is, after all, simply refined indolence.”
-Thomas Chandler Haliburton

Semper Avanti

~ © Jazzi Ryan Ranes ~

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