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~Haunted By You~

Waking in the night
hear a lonely sound,
memory lost in sight,
spirit earthbound.

Haunted by you,
I feel your soul,
I can’t see you,
and you won’t go.

Long day so bright,
haunted yesterdays,
glimmer beyond light,
haunted highways.

Shadow of rays,
I can feel you,
liminal days,
haunted by you.

Haunted by you,
I can feel you,
haunted by you,
but I cant see you.

Dream in my head,
memory lost and found,
thoughts of the dead,
ghosts earthbound.

Haunted by you,
I feel your soul,
I can’t see you,
and you won’t go.

Haunted by you,
I think you know,
I can’t see you,
and you won’t show.

You won’t go and
move on ahead,
you won’t go and
you live in my head,
You won’t go you
stick around,
Haunted by you
lost spirit earthbound.

© Jazzi Ryan Ranes


Entities Can Erase EVP Recordings

Have you ever had the spirits mess with your recordings?  Here’s what happened to me and my friends.

Within an ongoing investigation of a haunted apartment building, we had already captured picture, video and voice footage (I still have THIS evidence) and one night was uploading and archiving the nights work. We had two mics recording directly to two separate computers and were running two voice recorders. We save our files and archived everything on CD-R’s. We were each able to listen to the recordings once on each computer then they were gone from the hard drives. The CD-R discs were filled with an incredibly loud static that was impossible to remove. Efforts to re-upload to the computers were met with system crashes and eventual eraser of the voice recorders. Our evidence was useless. Now if it was only one computer or disc I’d say it could have been operator error or some bad glitch in the computer or a dud disc.  But a laptop, a tower, 2 different brands of voice recorders and 2 different brands of CD-R’s.

Well then…

Related to this I went and did research on this same location and ended up at the graveyard where the family plot was of the entities I suspected to be haunting the apartment building. All I had with me was my voice recorder, camera and my fiance. I had been taking several pictures and did a voice recording right in the family plot. Later when I uploaded all of this I found that there were chunks cleanly sliced out of the raw wav file. Bits of conversation and questions asked that me and my fiance definitely remember speaking. Now, I not only can’t find that file but the cemetary pics are gone as well.

I’m not sloppy in my research, in fact I am meticulous in archiving my work. I know where everything is and is supposed to be.

I’ve seen lots of people talking about changing evp and reverse evp but very, very little in the way of evidence coming up missing like this with no one to hold accountable but the ghosts themselves. It sounds as if it could have something to do with the electromagnetic field…when you think of erasures happening on electronic media you think of solid magnets but usually not of energy fields.

Please feel free to tell me about your experiences of this nature and any ideas you have on what is going on here.

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