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~Higher Order~

When you discover an eclectic, complex, highly intelligent mind, you simply have to feed it. You will feed yourself as you satiate this need. Present the grapes, truffles, and mead of creativity to this hungry mind. Feed the place where words are always present, but so rarely needed.

Allow this multi-faceted visionary to rest on silken pillows while you balance a golden tray of ideas, dreams, and physimotional eruptions. Wait while this intellect gazes at the joker then decide what flavor it most desires. Maybe it wants sweet honey. Maybe it wants salt and pepper. Perhaps it would prefer earthy, smoky, dirty flavors.

Stand back and watch as silver streams of energy and art radiate from this glowing soul. Taste that intuition!! Smooth, rich and mixed to get you high. Shaken stirred and poured. Ahh, delicious perfection in a richly flavored gilded sensation!

You are sated now. You have found a vibrant, kindred mind as strange and beautiful as your own. Never let it get hungry, never let it starve for understanding, never let it die.

Go. 🔀 It’s time to dine.

CDbaby – Nine Days In






#EDM #UndergroundChic #Experimental #Contemporary #Piano #Jazz #Funk #Trance #Electronica #Dance #Soul

~ © Jazzi Ryan Ranes ~



Dark feelings,
fantastic meanings,
spirits uprising,
fantasy lying.

Journeys untold,
actions unfold,
fearsome avengers,
shysters and lenders.

Hearts a grieving,
manifest and seeing,
mindful willingness,
imaginary finesse.

Fanatical pleasure,
wanton treasure,
oddity and wonder,
souls to plunder.

Control of mind,
frontiers to find,
capable of wanting,
a mysterious haunting.

~©Jazzi Ryan Ranes~

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