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March 5, 2012


String Theory, Time and the Ghosts in the Ether

by Jazzi Ryan Ranes

String theory is telling us we live in a multi-layered, multiple dimensional universe or universes. Between these layers, dimensions or membranes is what is called the space time foam. Scientifically detected bubbles in the ether. Is this where the voices and spirits and orbs travel?

These bubbles pop in and out of existence and can connect via wormholes. Can the entities, who seem to be of a pure energy, time travel through these wormholes? And sinces wormholes are unstable by nature, does it account for the “now you see it, now you don’t” effect or even mechanical or warped evps?

If you have ever experienced having a question answered before it was asked on a recording, you know that time cannot be the same between dimensions. Maybe the entities are not really reading our minds when this happens but rather connecting to one of these fragile wormholes in a different phase of time.

We as physical beings have not yet figured out how to travel a wormhole. Without getting into all the scientific jaron, a wormhole cannot be stabilized enough to support our mass or low vibration plus they are way too small. But spirits in their various manifestations are of a higher vibration and energy so seem well suited to traveling through dimensions and time.

My guess is that pure consciousness can go wherever it chooses. My experiences with astral travel seem to back this up. (More on that at a later date)

So if everything is relative and everything and everyone exists in the all-encompassing NOW and we are all one and we all connect in some way, why shouldn’t the spirits be able to travel through this space time foam? Will the scientific community  figure out that what has probably been there forever and what may always be there, is one of the gateways to the other side?

Or does it have something to do with the dark matter and dark energy in space that we can’t even see? We only know it is there because it has a detectable gravitational field.   Could it also expain a wide range of mediumistic abilities such as precognition, remote viewing, visions of past lives, ESP?

Let me get your thoughts on this. The nature of time has always intrigued me and a few of the questions I have always asked since childhood is: Where did it all REALLY begin? What was there before nothing? What really sparked that something that created universes and life? Does it really simply boil down to a chemical reaction?

I think science and the paranormal community will discover that the elusive nature of time and space is the doorway to the “unknown”. Will we live to see those advances? Maybe not but when we get to the other side perhaps then these questions won’t confound us as they do now.

“Knowledge advances by steps, and not by leaps.” ~ Lord Macaulay

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  1. Tara Theresa Hill
    May 19 2017

    I loved the article. I recently had a dream about a portal opening up in my bedroom. I think this has a lot to do with how spirits communicate with us. I hope we get to find out more as time goes on. I wasn’t sure if my last comment went through because WordPress asked me to log-in and then it had disappeared, so I retyped it. 🙂

  2. Bertil Hoberg
    Apr 14 2017

    A very intriguing and interesting article! I have been interested in these questions for many years. If this universe started with a big bang, what existed before? And why did the big bang happen? And how many dimensions are there? When did time start ticking for the first time?

  3. Feb 3 2017

    I’ve long been fascinated by the idea of time travel. So much so, that I wrote an article on the subject that was featured in UFOToday Magazine. (see link). I trust your readers will find it informative. Thoroughly enjoyed your blog on this subject.

    • Mar 30 2017

      Thank you so much! I bookmarked your article to read later but I’ll likely be sharing it. 🙂

  4. Mar 14 2012

    Thomas P Fusco cites Einstein’s discovery of spacetime curving to propose that paranormal phenomena occur when such a curve enters our environment, a house for instance. He describes the physics of a spacetime curve in a way that accounts for EVP, poltergeists, and ghosts. He does not subscribe to the multiverse theory , which is just a theory.

    • Mar 14 2012

      Yes…but all ideas and discussions on paranormal phenomena are, in fact, theories.


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