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October 30, 2018


~Private Letters: Synchronicity~

by Jazzi Ryan Ranes

Theses are the kind of things that poke at me in the middle of the night. Where does it work into the fabric of things? I’ll be digging on YouTube for a particular song then find it hours later playing on that radio show. Have a heated thought and come to find that thought, bounced off in your direction without my permission. The smooth electric jazz that plays in my novel, plays in your soul.

I watched part 1 of the White Crane Chronicles last night and David Carradine’s controlled strength and words echoed a knowing starting to grow inside me. I write of the mountains in Montana and you post a video of a blue lake in Canada that looks just like what I see in my mind. These triggers that zipped in and out of awareness all day yesterday…synchronicity?

I don’t believe anything just happens, everything happens for a reason. Power of intention? Is that just long words for making a choice? Choosing your reality every moment you live it. Those ancient ways…urges one longs for, are inherent in the back story of my writings. Small events happen that come to the forefront of my mind when they mess with some thing or thought spinning around up there.

I sat outside yesterday listening as someone down the holler cut wood with a chainsaw, but below that, in my head, the strong hard thwacks of my main character chopping firewood with a long-handled ax in chapter 4.

Boom. Whoops, there it is. Synchronicity in its finest form. Inside and outside of reality. Accessible any time not just when one chooses to notice it going down.

~©Jazzi Ryan Ranes~

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  1. Nov 1 2018 are definitely in the flow of life. I once floated in synchronicity frequently. I am getting back to that place and it’s such a thrill. Thanks for sharing your experiences!

    • Jazzi Ryan Ranes
      Nov 1 2018

      Thank you for commenting! It is a strange reality to live in when things actually start to make sense.


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