Free Info – Research Links of Interest

Most of the links I post in here will be free downloads in various document formats. Check back often as I will be adding new info regularly.
 Research Articles Database

This is a list of articles on psi-related topics published in non-parapsychology science journals since 1970. It has been compiled by Professor Donald West and published here in January 2017.

Animal Ghosts by Elliott O’Donnell

This book is in the public domain and can be downloaded in EPUB format, also available for Kindle or in PDF.

Paranthropology Journal –

Reference, Facts, News – Free and Family-friendly Resources

Library Spot – Encylopedias, maps, online libraries, quotation, dictionaries & more.

Project Gutenberg – Free E-Books

Feedbooks – Free E-Books and Best Sellers

Distributed Proofreaders – Preserving History One Page at a Time

Spirituality and the Paranormal: Scientific Papers by J.E. Kennedy – These papers can be downloaded in html, pdf and doc formats.

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