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June 28, 2016

Everything and Nothing

by Jazzi Ryan Ranes

​This thought of nothing and everything and just the conscious act of noticing it, makes it reality. I approach it from the angle of, what was before the beginning, the big bang, the all of creation by God or aliens or…the emptiness or nothing of before anything no matter who or what started it. Was there a true nothing or is that a real “place” as well just because it can be thought about if not understood? We do know that in the quantum world, an object observed is an object changed or forced into a choice. So our awareness of a thing, creates it, micro moment by micro moment There is nothing real because it is ever evolving and at the same time all is real because we make it so by perception….consciousness. We don’t have the tools for the job…we are attempting to use three dimensional, physical machines to detect “nothing” or everything. Can’t find the nothing for all the everything that’s in the way.

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