~Private Letters: Deep Thoughts~

…What about the ones who remember other physical lives. Other peoples lives. The ones who keep choosing this existence…

Okay, Wait. If all knowledge is available at all times, then it is only a matter of choosing and remembering…

And Deja Vu…and all the Clairs, is it because Everything is happening all at once and it is up to each person to pluck what they need from the “aether” to traverse this life?

Do you like, trip over your mind when you know you been there done that when you haven’t, not physically anyway.

Is that why lucid dreams are so clear, crisp and a playground at times? Yeah, I’m dreaming in high def color, surround sound, aromas. Always have.

When I go lucid, I’ve learned how to hold the dream in place by rubbing my hands together, noticing myself and stopping within the action to just observe the clarity of the situation.

Strange inhabitants, colors you won’t find in a Crayola box, music. Oh, the music. Some of the most beautiful notes I’ve ever heard were in a dream.

Empathy. It should be inherent in every living being but I see so little of it outside of the hearts and flowers memes on social media. I have always felt more than others and hid it well until it threatened to take me down if I didn’t own it.

It’s hard. Feeling others. Especially with so much narcissism and hatred coursing through this world. I know you know this better than I do on many different levels. I feel you, even though you may think I’m incapable of it, yet.

Shields up, right? Protect one’s self from too much feeling, from others who seek to scrape at your essence rather than comfort it. Easier said than done, my friend, for me anyhow. Except for this. I don’t intend to scratch at your being and I feel only comfort in your energy.

This is why I don’t communicate with people, most tend to irritate my spirit, like sand in the eyes, so I don’t even try. I remember how you came fully into my awareness a few days ago.

Your music, your energy. The very same music I had lost years ago. I would have bet money that day, that your intuition caused you to post that tune in greeting.

I don’t intend to make you uncomfortable with the sensuality, the heat, in my writing and music choices. It’s just where I’m at on this journey. And for some reason, you have become part of the experience.

I am fully aware that once I hit send I can’t take this back, so know this. If you’re reading my words, I Am speaking my Truth.

Do I want you to feel the woman behind the words? Sure, why not. It would be the first time I’ve allowed my soul to leak out this way. If only right here in a simple writing app that allows people to choose to connect or not.

Intelligence has never been an option but a requirement and this? So far out of most peoples reach they’re not even aware such a thing exists.

Jazzi Ryan Ranes is only a pen name, an alter ego, but she embodies facets of me that yer gettin’ straight from the horse’s mouth, you see.

Like my Daddy used to say, Fuck ’em all but six if only to have them for pallbearers.


Published by Jazzi Ryan Ranes

Disseminator of anomalous information. Curator of Letters, Word Maker, Poet, Freethinker.

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