That Insufferable Whisper and Other EVP Problems – News Article – Supernatural Magazine

  Have you ever watched one of those ghost hunting shows where an English speaking investigator conducts an investigation in a seven hundred year old Latvian castle? Me too, but something odd happens that might make someone think that the investigators are engaging in shenanigans of the worst kind, faking evidence.

You watch as your favourite ghost hunter begins an EVP, asking a series of questions in perfect English. The next day, upon evidence review, they discover that they indeed did get answers to their questions but wait, something even odder than some dead 700 year old Latvian count answering occurs. Rather than answering those questions in his native tongue they hear the answers in perfect English. What the hell?

If you’re anything like me, and chances are you are, you may question how this is possible. How does a dead guy from the 14th century answer questions in a language he would not be familiar with? A completely reasonable question. Could fakery be afoot?

EVP or electronic voice phenomena, is quite possibly one of the most controversial subjects in the history of ghost hunting. The above mentioned scenario being enough to make anyone think that something stinks and it’s not just a dead Latvian speaking English. Other question abound. Questions that deserve an answer.

So what are these questions? Well, how does something that lacks the necessary hardware speak? How does a dead person not familiar with English answer EVP questions in English? And dear god, what is with that insufferable whisper? These are all very reasonable questions but before you fly into a rage of cynical scepticism, assuming such a thing exists, you may want to consider that theories exist to make an attempt at answering these questions. However, I warn you, these theories are just that theories and not hard answers. Because, well, when it comes to matters of dealing with the dead, theories are all we got.

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