The Paranormal Has Always Been Normal

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Photo on 2013-01-19 at 09.17Written by APS Founder & Mid Atlantic Director:

Alex Matsuo


Today, the mainstream media has seemed to make the paranormal “normal” so to speak.  Many people credit television shows and documentary style of presenting the paranormal in such a way where it’s no longer a novelty or woodcut8cliché, but a legitimate experience that many people share.  Many people think that the paranormal craze started in the late 20th/early 21st century and that this is a fairly new thing.

Actually, it’s not.  However, the perceptions of the paranormal has changed and evolved over the course of human history, and it’s a cycle that is simply repeating itself as opinions and the influence of religion changes.

What we call the paranormal today was called something else completely different before the term was even coined.  For the purpose of consistency, I’ll use the term “unknown” for the duration of…

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Holy Stone


So how much can actually be said about the paranormal that we don’t already know? Have there been any recent developments that have turned the field upside down? I could have missed it – there was that vacation in August; various other lost weekends and all that tv binge-watching. I think things have pretty much stayed the same though. If someone had suddenly discovered that spirits were made of peanut butter, I think that would have filtered down to me by now. Simply put, there’s nothing new.

Regardless, we still have to swallow countless paranormal blogs, podcasts, books, tv shows, radio shows… All of them about nothing new. There’s a bunch of this stuff, and I’m guilty on a number of fronts. Me, myself, and I are responsible for two books, 70 podcasts, and over 100 blog entries. And that’s not even all of it. Good grief! When am I…

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How to Photograph a Ghost!

Photography Follow-Up:

Hey guys, I’m back with more vlogs! Sorry it was so long, my camera got stolen, and I got a new one, but then I was busy with summer work and getting the next book out. No excuses!

What I want to do is finish up on the photography topic that I was discussing before the break, and break down the different ways to photograph a potential spirit, and why some may be better than others.


The setup: you’re in a very dark basement that’s said to be haunted, and there’s not much in the way of ambient light for any average camera to pick up at all. How do you best set up the situation to photograph a ghost?

The go-to camera of most experiential investigators?

Cell Phones.

Why they’re good? They’re portable, at-hand, and the images are easy to share and, these days, decent quality…

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