Why do we assume?

The Big Séance Podcast

As a teacher, occasionally I will have those days where nothing seems to go right. Some days I set out to inspire and end up coming home feeling like I spent the day pulling entire classes to the park in a wagon… all of them packed in like sardines, excited for the fun to come, but too apathetic to pitch in to help get the group there. (I apparently use this metaphor frequently because my last group of eighth grade students left me at the end of the year with a little red wagon, autographed by every one of them. Those days make it all worth it.) There have been a few times where on those wagon-pulling days I’ve decided to relieve my frustration while breaking the tension of the class at the same time… with a sudden drawn out scream. If you want the full effect, imagine Pee Wee…

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Articles Presenting Evidence of Psychic Functioning


Carlos S. Alvarado, PhD, Visiting Scholar, Rhine Research Center

Well-known psi researcher Dr. Dean Radin  has prepared a page with links to articles about various parapsychological topics. Most of the papers are reports of research, but there are some about general discussions and critiques. It is available here.

Dr. Radin explained his motivation to compile these materials in his blog. As he wrote:

“Critics are fond of saying that there is no scientific evidence for psi. They wave their fist in the air and shout, ‘Show me the evidence!’ Then they turn red and have a coughing fit. In less dramatic cases a student might be genuinely curious and open-minded, but unsure where to begin to find reliable evidence about psi . . . In the past, my response to the ‘show me’ challenge has been to give the titles of a few books to read, point…

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