Do animals see ghosts?

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Do animals see ghosts?

Can animals see ghosts or spirits where human beings cannot?

Seeing things at night, it appears, is an experience whose thrills not only interest the human nervous system but also agitate the animal.

A great many esteemed psychic researchers have performed experiments in haunted houses with cats and dogs, as well as with other animals, and have often found the animal to have been frightened.

Can dogs see ghosts

One researcher remembers an occasion at a haunted house in St. James’ Road, Brixton:—

“Again and again dogs have refused to accompany me to a room where ghostly phenomena have been alleged to take place. I remember on one occasion at a reputed haunted house in the St. James’s-Road, I had a huge bulldog with me, the last creature in the world one would suspect of having nerves.”

“I arrived at the house about 10 o’clock at night, and was giving it a thorough examination…

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4 thoughts on “Do animals see ghosts?

  1. I lived in a haunted house years ago and my dog at the time, a huge Newfoundland, would follow me everywhere but absolutely refused to enter one of the rooms (a haunted one!). She would lean away at the threshold and just shake, turning her head away. She also at times would watch as if someone was there (but no one visible). Great post – I’d not thought of this in years! 🙂


    1. Thank you for your response. I’ve had similar experiences with a couple of my pets. I’m sure anyone who’s ever had pets have experienced them watching something that we just cannot see. To me, this is one of the things that is proof positive of energies out of our human sensory range. Animals don’t put on, make stuff up, or exaggerate.

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