Dreaming Within The Dream

I can remember having this type of dream just a couple of times but it sticks with me like my paranormal dreams do. Basically I dream that I am waking up from a dream and telling someone about it. So I’m having a dream within a dream. When I really wake up I can’t remember what the dream inside the dream was, just the dream that I dreamed it. For a while after I wondered if I was still dreaming. These are not the same as lucid dreams where you know you are dreaming, nor are they false awakenings…I have both of those type of dreams as well. This is not just waking up within the dream but actually a whole different dream. Here is just one of many interpretations of this type of dream. http://www.thecuriousdreamer.com/dreamdictionary/symbol/2254/

Now that I’ve got you good and confused, have any of you ever had a dream like this?

Published by Jazzi Ryan Ranes

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6 thoughts on “Dreaming Within The Dream

  1. I very rarely remember dreams… unless I get the opportunity to sleep in a while or if I sleep only 3 or 4 hours… so I’m not sure. Just a few nights ago I dreamed of the apocalypse, which I think I’m blogging about tonight. It was a bit bizarre. I only tried that “hue” technique for one night about a week ago… and I haven’t tried it again since I feel weird since I’m usually not by myself and my partner already thinks I’m whacko. 🙂 (Full disclosure, I didn’t get to check the link out since I’m at work.)


    1. I have not experimented with the “hue” technique except for silently because I too have a partner who thinks I’m a bit nuts. Matter of fact, I have given up on trying to discuss anything paranormal with him. I get fed up with getting cut off while I’m trying to talk. Thankfully I have my internet friends to discuss these things with or I really would go nuts!


  2. I don’t have the kind of dreams you mentioned, or at least I don’t remember any. Fact is, for me, unless I do the “hue” thing, I can’t remember anything – maybe once every couple of years. Sucks! But then, I get to do the hue thing. I think she questions my sanity, but she’d have to hire a lawyer… Further proof that marriage makes you crazy. Question is, which one?


    1. I dream all kinds of neat stuff…remember at least bits and pieces every night. Relationships period, make you crazy. Thank the powers that be for para-friends, you guys give me the outlet I need to stay emotionally healthy.


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