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Paper or Plastic?

I’ll bet it has been a while since anyone has asked you that question but I’m asking you today and I’m not talking about grocery bags. Does anyone out there still use paper to write on? You know…notebooks, stationery, journals…ground up trees? Don’t look at me like that! Surely some of you remember what pens and pencils are. 😉 In this age of computers, tablets and smart phones, I know that a lot of you probably don’t write this way or maybe you used to but don’t anymore. I cannot help myself though.

I thought back several years ago that as soon as I got a computer, I would do all my writing on it…maybe even write that novel if I got a laptop someday. I figured I could get above writing everything in notebooks and on scraps of paper. I thought I would like typing so much more than the arduous task of handwriting. I’ve had many computers since, have a laptop, a netbook and a Nook tablet now and I still haven’t wrote that novel, (although I have a part of one in a spiral-bound notebook). I have not transferred even a percent of my writing that were lost in my paper files, that I thought deserved some space on my hard drive. Almost every one of my posts here in blogger world will have originated in my leatherjournal, written in unforgiving ink. Ideas are born, scratched out, rewritten in a sloppy hand you would likely not decipher. Pen to paper is how I think, it is how I create.I still write letters to people and will send you a real card with a personal note scribed inside, sometimes in gold or silver pen. I mean would you rather get that or an e-card?

I have loved writing products for as long as I can remember. My first love was big 3 and 5 subject ringed notebooks…all that blank world inside for me to create! I would decorate the covers with images of things I loved. All manner of decorated and undecorated #2 pencils. Nothing was cooler in elementary school than putting a point on a brand new pencil. Pens in a rainbow of colors, sizes and shapes. Forays into colored pencils and fine point markers. I even liked those horrid yellow lined tablets the schools used to pass out. Composition notebooks, steno pads, filler paper in a three ring binder. Then I discovered finer notebooks and endless designs in stationery. Elegant leather-bound journals with cream colored, textured papers. Antique fountain pens aged to a warm patina from years of channeling the owners’ imagination. My local Barnes & Noble brick and mortar store carries some stunning leather journals and blank books as well as a pretty good selection of other writing supplies. I prefer real books over e-books any day and can hang out in a book store for hours just like I used to do in libraries. I do admit to reading some books on my Nook but am more likely to choose from the 4 or 5 I’m reading that I keep stacked on the night stand. Nothing beats the smell of a book and the feel of physically turning a paper page just as writing on paper is where it is for me. I don’t like typing all that well although I’m pretty good at it, lol. I don’t care for thumb typing and even though I do a lot of it, I would never write anything of any length that way.

I’m just computer geek enough to like the way my words look on websites…formatted, neat, professional. You know you are proud to see your words on the internet or you wouldn’t put them there for the world to see. And it doesn’t matter if you have a lot of writing talent here in blog world. I’m usually pretty good at spelling but know I butcher syntax and punctuation and I don’t care. I think I get my point across even if I’m breaking the rules. You can add pictures, videos and emoticons and that is all good, I take advantage of it. But when inspiration hits, I grab the pen and paper first and the laptop last for final touches on the final draft. Maybe one day a future archeologist will discover one of my notebooks or a letter with my words, in turn wise, foolish, embarrassing and weird and hopefully, find one writer’s perspective entertaining if not entirely valuable.

1st draft of this post


What Was Your First Paranormal Experience?

Here it is.  I am curious to know what happened to you that created such a profound interest in the paranormal.  And with that, I’ll tell you why I’m here doing what I do.

Now, I’m not going to go into the very early years and the dreams and imaginary friend but am skipping to my first true paranormal experience several years ago when I was a teenager.

My father had very recently died of a massive heart attack at the tender age of 42.  He had been a coal miner all of his adult life and died suddenly one night coming out of the mines.  It was so sudden and threw me and my mom into a tailspin (understatement).  Shortly after this, me, my mom and my fiance were relaxing and talking one evening and heard my dad on the back porch.  He often came home from work and stomped his mining boots off on the back porch before he entered.  This night you could here this and him scratching at the door like he was trying to get his key in the lock. This happened about every 15 minutes for an hour.  There was snow on and we repeatedly checked the steps and there was no disturbance in the snow.

I don’t believe this was residual as it only happened this one night. Our happy life was bumping along just fine and he died suddenly.  I feel that my father just didn’t realize he was physically dead yet.  He was never much of a believer in the paranormal and scoffed at a lot of what we, as researchers, accept as fact.  There were a couple more experiences involving my father, with me and my mother, but I said FIRST paranormal experience so I’ll stop here.  I have had many experiences in many different situations since and just cannot resist trying to learn as much as I can about what we are, at the present, calling paranormal.

Join me now in recalling what got you started in this fascinating field of study.  Understanding what brought us to this point may help us understand where we are going.  I realize some of you may not be comfortable telling your story but your comments are certainly welcome.


Funny Things Ghost Hunters Do

In my search of the internet for informative paranormal related articles and theories, I’ve stumbled across several of these “you know you’re a ghost hunter when…” posts. Here is just a small list of my favorites plus a couple of my own thrown in. Check them out and see if you can add to the list. ;D

* You sleep with a camera on your nightstand…just in case.

* You are more afraid of the living than you are the dead.

* You talk to a brown out.

* You look at old/all pics for ghostly images.

* Most of the bookmarks on your favorites list is paranormal related.

* You take pictures of your reunion and ask any deceased relatives to join in.

* You have more recordings of EVP than you do of your favorite music.

* You’re the only one who takes a voice recorder to a funeral.

* You get pumped over “bad” pictures.

* Your coolest ghost pic is framed and hanging in the hallway with your family photos.

* You actually like old mental institutions and prisons.

*You don’t go anywhere without your voice recorder.

* 95% of the books in your bookcase are paranormal related.

* You want unseen things to touch you.

* You get a new camera and the first thing you do is take off the strap.

* You have a shoebox full of “dead” batteries.

* Your kid says they have an imaginary friend…and out come the cameras, voice recorders, camcorders, etc.

* Better than half of your friends on facebook are involved in the paranormal field.

*You’re watching a scary movie with your family and someone asks “Can ghosts really do that?” and you have an answer and an explanation.

* You agree with most of this list.

I admit it…I am guilty of quite a few of these 😉

lol…your turn…




Did That Just Happen?

Ghosts, spirits, entities, supernatural, paranormal, xenonormal…belief in a paranormal event plays an important role in how we interpret the reality of the event. A believer will be more likely to think an anomolous event to be paranormal. A skeptic will always have an excuse no matter how outrageous or uninformed. Belief plays a large part in what each one of us interprets as a paranormal event whether that be ghostly apparitions to U.F.O. sightings. But if you are truly interested in this field of study your personal beliefs cannot rule the show, and I’m including you hard-headed skeptics here. If you are serious about finding the truth,  you have to learn everything you can. Read, experiment, investigate, learn from people who have experience in the field and read and experiment and investigate some more.

If you learn all you can about your subject of interest, then you don’t go off reinventing the wheel so to speak. This applies to any field of endeavor. When you can get a grasp on what is already known, only then can you approach “objectively” what is unknown. I put quotes around that because a large part of the scientific community looks at paranormal happenings as subjective. More or less meaning that the phenomena can’t be proved by science by repeat performances inside some sterile, closed lab because experiences are in the observers head (and science hasn’t figured out how to bottle a spirit). The majority are not even sure consciousness exists. Of course, we who know the truth know a true skeptic will never believe in a ghost even if one ran him over.

I am a believer in paranormal phenomena and life after death because I’ve had many experiences and a few years of research and investigation under my belt, but my research is taking me into related fields such as psychology (psychologists who believe in paranormal phenomena are few and far between it seems), parapsychology, history, social sciences, electric and magnetic fields, weather systems, low frequency sound, cosmology, astronomy, a variety of quantum theories and most recently mind science and the list could go on.

So all I’m saying is keep an open mind, stay up to date on what’s new in the field as well as what has been learned by people who have been there and done that. Don’t be afraid to drop a belief that has been proven wrong. Explore topics on the human condition. That’s what we’re talking about here when we say ghost or spirit, is the human condition, in different condition than when it was in a living body here on Earth. Be aware of yourself in your reactions to anomolous events and make sure you don’t let your beliefs influence your findings. Above all keep searching for answers with integrity and respect and clear-minded thinking. We are all part of the learning process so let us keep our evidence of the paranormal unbiased, pure and thoroughly researched.


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