Paranormal Unity Starts With YOU

All I’ve been hearing lately is paranormal unity this and paranormal unity that.  But unless I’m missing something, I don’t see much of it going on.

How many of you paranormal teams and groups out there are actually teams? How many of you are really just two maybe three (if you’re lucky) like-minded souls. How many more of you are just one and you handle being Team Leader, Lead Investigator, Case manager, Tech, etc. and the evidence review?

Ok, so maybe you do have a reliable team together…well you have done good and I’m proud of you. But I know how getting them together with various work schedules and family obligations can be. And of course, quality not quantity matters when choosing likely team members….but sometimes you find out they were not as quality as you would have liked. Or maybe one of them turned on you, stole from you, lied to you. Then you had to terminated their team status as well as a friendship.

What I am saying is Paranormal Unity begins with you and your team. If your team is not on the same page as you then you don’t have a team. If they are not reliable or are more scared of evidence review than ghosts then you don’t have a team.  If you cannot fully 100% trust your members then you don’t have a team. If you gotta almost beg them to learn what’s new in the paranormal field then you don’t have a team.

I have a few special friends here (social media) who have been more generous with their time than I would have ever expected from people I have never met face to face. They have seriously talked to me about paranormal things, helped with evidence review, collaborated on video work, made great banners, turned me on to superior sites and equipment and taught me things I didn’t know.There has been more input from these distant friends than some of my now ex-team members. Now the team members I had who actually worked it know who they are…you others also know who you are.

Paranormal Unity….is a distant dream unless you and your team are unified. Only then can global paranormal unity be possible. No offense to those of you who are trying. A big HELLO to those of you who are half asleep.

But I wonder how many of you will actually want to talk about this? After all who wants to admit they have lazy or unreliable team members? Who wants to admit they’ve had to dump one here and there for various reasons? Come on…bring it on!…UNITY people…you want Unity?!?!  You have to make it happen and not just sit there and wish for it! That’s right, I’m trying to stir you up! And I want to hear from you on this…I’m sick of seeing people get burned by their own team or other teams.

Paranormal Unity…you tell me what YOU think it means. I think it means it starts with you and your team…if you don’t have it there you might as well hang up your gear and forget it because if you can’t believe in your team neither will anyone else.

For those of you who want to join a team or start a team…if you are just in it for the thrill-seeking, just don’t bother. If you can’t even bring a dang camera to the table, again just don’t bother. I am as helpful as anybody you’ll ever meet in this field or anywhere else and very serious about my work. But once you cross me…well…we’re done. I’m not a hard-ass people but damn it bring something besides what you’ve learned on tv. You want your unity, you have it right here.

As always my friends, I appreciate any input, good, bad or ugly. I think we need to address this problem more fully instead of just complaining about our members or lack of cooperation in the field.

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6 thoughts on “Paranormal Unity Starts With YOU

  1. Well, I am a member of PHPRS ( I do consider us to be a team. Currently, we have 5 members. There have been other members, but we are expected to live up to certain criteria, and if we don’t, we’re gone.

    It’s not terribly strict, but being a team member carries with it certain requirements. Not the least of those requirements is to maintain a certain level of professionalism, which includes discretion, acceptable behavior, and a commitment to one another on and off the investigation playing field. Each of us has complete trust and confidence in one another, and knows that we have each other’s back when needed. There’s a lot that goes into it – more than can be stated in a comment, but suffice it to say, that even when we disagree about something, we see everything as a learning experience, and approach all situations with respect for one another and whoever we may come in contact with.

    Being a member of PHPRS means a lot to each of us – not because we’re the best or the most successful, but because we take great pride in what we do and how we do it. I’m never sure what Paranormal Unity really means in the broader sense, but I know what it means within our team. We are always unified.


    1. I agree with you 100% and am glad you are a part of a mature and responsible team. Paranormal unity, in the broader sense, simply means we should all strive to get along, to share what we learn and to not pick at one another publically or privately. After all, we are all in this field (hopefully) to attempt to understand the unknown and to help people.


  2. Agreed. It’s funny… During two radio interviews, the host asked me my thoughts about Ghost Hunters and some of the recent rumors circling about them and about previous members who had left. I wouldn’t say a word. First, because I don’t know anything, and second – my opinion is worthless without facts. But more importantly, why should I take a shot at someone just because someone else asks me to. I refused to comment. I don’t know anyone from Ghost Hunters, but I consider them the same as anyone else in the field – from the newest newbie to the most experienced. I acknowledge their efforts, appreciate what I can learn from them, and respect their contribution. And none of that carries with it back-biting, rumor-mongering, or ridicule.

    There are some local people around here who do not deserve to be considered members of the field, but they don’t need to be called out by me – not by name. And for all the rest of the local people, I personally believe I owe them respect and dignity – whether I get it in return or not. Paranormal Unity might be a tough thing to see come to fruition, but it starts with each one of us as individuals, and it centers around that word “respect.” We get what we give, I suppose.


  3. Another nice post. My team consists of family members (which I know is supposed to be trouble… but I think that’s only when you have a mixed team of family and non-family). I only have one member who is not in my family. They are a fellow co-worker and they’re great. As far as my team members being as serious as I am… I KNOW I’m the nerd who has the obsession… I KNOW I’m the one who keeps up with the research and reading and provides equipment… and I’m okay with that. I’m kind of an OCD control freak anyway. I do it all and I probably wouldn’t have it any other way. This is also partly due to us being spread out all over the state. I get stressed out though. I do try to get them to take more of an interest in the research, education, etc. With that being said, my team members are smart, they work hard, and are in it for the cause. For right now that works out for us. Is this unusual for a paranormal investigation team? We’re not the busiest team out there… we don’t go begging for investigations… but I’m convinced we’re more organized and professional than many out there. (Missouri Spirit Seekers,


    1. No Patrick, I don’t think it is unusual…and I get it about being OCD because I am the same way, especially about evidence review.


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