Entities Can Erase EVP Recordings

Have you ever had the spirits mess with your recordings?  Here’s what happened to me and my friends.

Within an ongoing investigation of a haunted apartment building, we had already captured picture, video and voice footage (I still have THIS evidence) and one night was uploading and archiving the nights work. We had two mics recording directly to two separate computers and were running two voice recorders. We save our files and archived everything on CD-R’s. We were each able to listen to the recordings once on each computer then they were gone from the hard drives. The CD-R discs were filled with an incredibly loud static that was impossible to remove. Efforts to re-upload to the computers were met with system crashes and eventual eraser of the voice recorders. Our evidence was useless. Now if it was only one computer or disc I’d say it could have been operator error or some bad glitch in the computer or a dud disc.  But a laptop, a tower, 2 different brands of voice recorders and 2 different brands of CD-R’s.

Well then…

Related to this I went and did research on this same location and ended up at the graveyard where the family plot was of the entities I suspected to be haunting the apartment building. All I had with me was my voice recorder, camera and my fiance. I had been taking several pictures and did a voice recording right in the family plot. Later when I uploaded all of this I found that there were chunks cleanly sliced out of the raw wav file. Bits of conversation and questions asked that me and my fiance definitely remember speaking. Now, I not only can’t find that file but the cemetary pics are gone as well.

I’m not sloppy in my research, in fact I am meticulous in archiving my work. I know where everything is and is supposed to be.

I’ve seen lots of people talking about changing evp and reverse evp but very, very little in the way of evidence coming up missing like this with no one to hold accountable but the ghosts themselves. It sounds as if it could have something to do with the electromagnetic field…when you think of erasures happening on electronic media you think of solid magnets but usually not of energy fields.

Please feel free to tell me about your experiences of this nature and any ideas you have on what is going on here.

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10 thoughts on “Entities Can Erase EVP Recordings

  1. I’ve not had any audio recordings messed with – never, and that’s a lot of years worth of files. But I was once shut out from taking photos in a graveyard. I don’t believe graveyards are haunted, but I wanted to see whether I could get EVP just the same. The project included an interview over a grave, a regular photo and an infrared shot. It was a brief process – the interview lasting only about 3 – 4 minutes.

    But at this one site, my camera would not work. Wouldn’t snap a photo. It was like there was no battery. After a great deal of frustration, I moved to another grave site about 100 feet away, and everything worked just fine. So, I moved back to the original spot, so as to have the matching photos with the audio I had recorded. And again, nothing. Camera would not work.

    I decided to try at a site right next door. Nothing. And I soon discovered that for about 50 feet in any direction from the original grave, my camera would not work. Anywhere else on the property was perfect. I even came back an hour later, and still… nothing. I returned the next day, and everything worked fine.

    I don’t know what that could have been, but I did have an EVP from that grave site which seemed to say “you will die.” I go there frequently, and I always stop by that spot to say hello. And even though there’s not an ounce of proof, I will always be convinced that someone just didn’t want their picture taken that day. Oh… and I’m still alive.


    1. I have had problems similar to that with cameras…dead batteries in one room and a full charge in the room next door. One thing though, the evp was correct…it just didn’t say when.


  2. Hello, I have recently did a recording on my best friend who lost a brother, he was a fireman during the collapse of one of the towers of 9/11 and her uncle recently who died of throat cancer. I aught gurgling noise which may have been her uncle who had a trachea. From Her brother as she was crying out to him during her recording and heard him Breathing heavily it wasn’t her cause you could hear her. The point of this is later when my husband wanted to hear this small evidence, It was gone from recorder, Missing, our voices were intact but sounds from uncle and brother were gone and both my best friend and I heard it we are sane individuals and i have been capturing EVPS for 7 years and never has this happened . VERY confused?????


    1. I absolutely understand your confusion. I have had this happen before and can only guess that since spirits can imprint their voices and sounds on our recording devices, that they can also erase them. Your friend’s close relatives may have wanted only for you and her to hear them…no one else.


      1. I appreciate you getting back to me… i was thinking the same thoughts. Just needed someone to tell me this can infact happen. There is still so much to learn about what spirits can do. I am grateful they came thru, i knew they would .. 🙂 As with each investigation i take with me a new lesson.


  3. My son & I were trying to get an evp when he felt something extracting healing from his hands. He asked the spirit if they could stop. Which it did. When I asked if it liked the healing it was receiving, we caught a clear evp answering “Yeah”. We played his over and over again, as we couldn’t believe our luck having captured an evp on a Sony micro cassette recorder.
    A couple of days later I went to play it back to a friend who has done numerous investigation…….and it was gone. Replaced with static.
    My friend hadn’t heared of evps being deleted by spirits but suggested that maybe it the answer was only ment for us.


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