~ThIs oNe DrOpPed oUt Of ThE sKy~

This one dropped out of the sky to land at your feet,
splashing a puddle in your heart.

These poems fall out of the aether, down through my soul and out my fingertips.

Energy you say…

Is that what it is? That I leap off and fall into it without a safety net. Not even a tether.

Do you feel this? This soul-quaking feeling, shaking the body, the mind, your sanity.

Pinning your very being to the wall and taking you almost without consent? Thrilling, nauseating, scary, mouth drying, freaky and everything in between.

That thing that never happens unless you connect with a kindred spirit. A twin flame. A soulmate.

This one dropped out of the sky to crash at your feet, exploding a crater in your heart.


~This Poem Means Everything and Nothing~

That’s the beauty of it, isn’t it? This doesn’t have to be anything more than what it is right in this moment.

Later moments will reveal themselves to be clinging to nothing at all. That’s the beauty of it, isn’t it?

All matter thought and thing made of nothing more than a single shifting now. Right there’s the beauty of it, isn’t it?

We have many moments outside of time.

~This Poem Is Your Fault~

I held one hand over my chest to keep my heart from falling out,
and reached the other palm to you in supplication or friendship,
Is There a Difference?

This poem is your fault,
that it lies on the edge of a round path,
slipping through my fingers and down my Life_____Line.

I held one hand over my soul to keep my mind from falling out,
and reached the other palm to you in understanding or
Is There a Difference?

This poem is your fault,
that it lies on the edge of a smooth moment,
sliding through my awareness
and down my Life____Line.

-dedicated to C

~Writing It Down: Word Count, Doesn’t Count~

I have discovered in the writing of my book(s), that it is best not to push a daily word count. Every time I try to, I can’t get it down. I average an easy thousand words a day but found that word count, doesn’t count. I would rather craft one tight sentence than one shitty paragraph. I highly recommend to any writer to let it come when it’s ready.

Quality over quantity.

Sometimes the emotions run too hot to even allow flow. Your perfect sentence didn’t exist five minutes ago and it doesn’t have to exist five minutes from now. It’s always a good idea to stop writing when you know where you’re going. For me, that means stopping in the middle of a sentence or paragraph. Often that is just a hint, as my characters lead the way and I never know what they’re going to get into.

Let your words speak to you, don’t speak to your words.

Keep in mind, dear scribes, you are always writing, all the time. Staring off into space? Writing. Screwing with one miserable sentence? Writing. Thinking about a paragraph in chapter 28 that hurts the ear? Writing. Groaning out loud when the exactly right turn of phrase pops into your mind as if it was a memory? Writing. 2000 words a day? Damn sure writing.

Today I am writing chapter 41 of book 1 in a series. I have had to rein myself in over the last few chapters as the book nears the end. The story has written itself. I am just the conduit. Book 2 waits in the shadows, writing itself even as I craft this post.

Write something every day. It doesn’t matter if it’s any good. You can toss it the next day but you’ve still written it. Try not to imprison yourself in a set word count. It’s not worth the strain or stress. You’ll stifle your creativity and end up tossing out more shitty sentences than you keep.

Write on word warriors!


Darkest, deepest place in lover’s mind I sent,

I adore you, to his heart, I love you, you are my soulmate.

In my head, I need you, to my heart, I’ve always known.

Then deep in my soul, I love you, you are my mate.

Never want to let go, not ever, not now, forever…

I’m going to take you now and never give you back.